Baron is a leader in the supply of rail infrastructure.


For the past four decades, Baron has been a leading supplier of custom moulded components to the rail sector. From metal bonded rubber vibration mounts to OEM components, Baron has been an integral partner in their development.

We also understand that the rail sector is unique and requires specialised materials that have noise cancelling properties, vibration limiting capabilities and superior mechanical properties to withstand the harsh rail environments around the globe. Our Polymer Chemists can help formulate custom compounds to suit your every specific need.

Combined with our formulation capabilities, Baron has invested in our in-house production processes so that we are vertically integrated in the development and production of rubber associated rail products.

With specialised projects, it is vital we foster collaboration to improve efficiencies and drive performance. At Baron, we pride ourselves on quality and on time delivery, which opens more doors for our products and services.

Baron has also worked closely for over two decades supporting the Australian and New Zealand rail industry by ensuring the delivery of rail crossing solutions through engineering excellence and the ability to remain competitive in the global marketplace.

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