Baron offers specialty services in consumer and lifestyle products.


Today more than ever, customers’ demand more from their products, superior quality, longer durability, better compliance and customisation. Baron has for more than four decades been involved in developing consumer products.

Be it leisure products, cookware, toys, household items, buttons, switches, handles or gaskets, elastomeric components serve as essential items in today’s consumer market. Combining the performance and durability of high-quality rubber with the speed and efficiency of custom moulding, these parts help create long-lasting, cost-efficient goods while ensuring optimal ease of use for manufacturers and end users alike.

Utilising our technical know-how, Baron has helped guide our clients into using the right elastomer of choice for numbers of applications. Our Chemical and Engineering staff have the capabilities to help you develop you product in any grade of elastomer, we have a team of dedicated product engineers that will work with you to get your product into market, on time and on budget.

For more than 40 years Baron has helped our clients innovate and remain at the fore of their sectors. Our solutions and engineering oriented teams can manufacture a range of consumer products.