We lead the way in silicone components for healthcare utilising the latest technologies.


At some point in all our lives, we all come into contact with healthcare. From newborns requiring pacifiers to an aging population requiring customised health solutions, healthcare covers a diverse range of products that most people would not give a second thought.

Organisations that work in the healthcare sector are continuously looking to find solutions to these ever demanding and challenging issues. Their need to find the right supply-partner is therefore just as critical to ensure the success of their product getting to market through such a heavily regulated sector.

As the healthcare sector changes at a rapid pace thanks to technological advancements, we continually review technological changes to match our Customers’ needs and have a comprehensive range of Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR), Transfer and Compression-moulding machines that are capable of producing the most stringent components for healthcare products.

For over 30 years Baron has been providing services to the healthcare sector. Baron understands that no other sector plays such a crucial role in product development as healthcare and has developed internal processes to manage this sector. Terminology such as FDA, TGA, Bio-C, PPAP and many more are commonplace within our organisation.