Baron is a major supplier to the Defence Forces.


The Defence sector is unlike no other in that they require unique and customised solutions, with the highest performance levels of any sector. Baron’s involvement in developing and manufacturing niche products for military applications has seen us as being a trusted supplier who is regularly called upon to assist in these projects.

Our involvement in the development and manufacturing of these critical components has allowed us to refine our operation to securely design, develop and manufacture these parts in one location. This provides our Defence clients with the confidence that any information or product develop is only known to those on a needs to know basis.

For over 40 years, Baron has been supplying various Defence components with unique and specific requirements. Our team of Polymer Chemists work closely with our Defence engineering teams to formulate the exact polymer to meet project specific requirements. We also have a material laboratory that can validate the physical properties of each batch of material to specific tolerances, ensuring that the most optimum products are produced every time.

Some of the components that we have manufactured include:

  • Armoured Vehicle Track Components
  • Rubber to Metal Bonding
  • Naval Components
  • Submarine Components
  • Body Armour Components

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