Product Development

Baron specialises in managing concepts through to production.

Product Development

Once the concept is visualised and the design transferred to 2D & 3D graphics, the development process begins. These graphics or CAD files are then assessed for manufacturability by our engineers and tooling designers to eliminate any potential early risks and to ensure the product can be produced efficiently.

It is sometimes necessary and recommended that prototype tooling be produced but this depends upon the complexity of the component as it firstly, validates the design and secondly, it enables changes to be made to the design prior to constructing production tooling.

At Baron, we employ several methods to produce prototype components, such as;

  • 3D Printed Components
  • 3D Printed Moulds
  • Single Cavity Aluminium Tools
  • Soft or Hardened Steel Moulds
  • Production Prototype Tooling

Prototyping is seen as an important step in the product development process and will assist in defining if your product is viable for manufacturing.

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