Baron are leaders in material science and have specialist chemists that can assist.


At Baron we have the capabilities to processing an infinite number of polymers, which provide an unlimited number of variables when developing custom compounds. This flexibility in formulating custom compounds means that Baron can develop the precise material for your unique application. From material hardness, chemical compatibility, noise dampening properties or appearance attributes. The combinations are limitless.

With specialised engineers and dedicated laboratory equipment, Baron has developed over 1,000 custom compounds for our customers. The polymers that Baron develops across our manufacturing sites are developed to meet the same quality standards and we have setup the same technical support to assist in correct material selection, manufacturing and end-of-life product support.

Baron Mixer

Baron LSR Pumps

Baron has been involved in moulding Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) for over 25 years, with our ISO 13485 clean rooms equipped with the latest technologies, fully automated solutions to vertical insert moulding. Specialising in medical, implantable, self-adhesives and food grade LSR materials, Baron supplies components and assemblies in almost any colour and hardness ranges from 5~85 duro. Our precision manufactured LSR tools and in-house cold runners are constructed of high-grade steel to meet the most stringent tolerance and surface requirements.

Silicone HTV (High Temperature Vulcanised) has more flexibility than LSR with typically better tear resistance and elongation characteristics. During the milling process we can achieve improved hardness windows as low as +/- 2 duro and can specifically develop compounds to meet customers exact specification requirements. With grades available for medical, implantable, self-adhesives and food, this is the preferred technology for many of our customers. Baron can also mould via transfer injection, cold runner or compression.

Baron HTV

Baron Plastic

Baron has been injection moulding plastic components for over 25 years in our GMP and medical class clean rooms. Not only do we specialise in the use of thermoplastic elastomers such as TPE, TPU, TPR and TPSiV for seals, gaskets and medical components, but we also use traditional materials such as PE, PP, PVC, PS and GPPS for various applications depending on specification requirements. Baron also uses specialised engineering grades of polymers such as ABS, PA6, PA12, PA66, PBT, PC, PET, POM, PPS, PTFE and PMMA. We also offer specialised grades that can be overmoulded with silicone rubber thanks to their outstanding temperature resistance properties.

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