Baron offers various options to manufacture clients products.


Baron has become one of the most comprehensive global polymer injection moulders with manufacturing facilities continuously being upgraded and modernised to adopt the most advanced technologies available today.

Baron specialises in the custom moulding of elastomeric polymers including a Liquid Silicone Rubbers (LSR) and Solid Silicone Rubbers (HTV) which play a significant role in Healthcare products. We have large production facilities with clean rooms for silicone products and independent plants which focus on the moulding of rubber compounds into products used in industrial and consumer goods.

Many traditional processing methods are still in use with new production line processes becoming more relevant due to larger production volumes. Baron offers both continuous flow and custom manufacturing, catering for both larger and smaller processing.

In an everchanging and diverse market, an innovative approach to moulding polymers and operating with the highest manufacturing and quality standards creates future opportunities.

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